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Many celebrities and public figures have been affected by sepsis. Some survived their bout with the disease, but others died. Sepsis is an equal opportunity illness – it can affect anyone of any social status, age, ethnicity, or beliefs.

All too often, however, the media that report celebrities illnesses or deaths from sepsis fail to say the word. They often say that the person has died of complications of pneumonia, surgery, or cancer, for example. If someone has died of an infection, such as pneumonia or the flu, or an infection from surgery, he or she has died from sepsis. If someone develops an infection serious enough that they must be treated in the hospital with IV fluids and antibiotics, chances are that they have sepsis.

Here is a list of celebrities who Sepsis Alliance knows have had sepsis or believes they did due to the news reports:


  • Paul Allen, Co-Founder of Microsoft – died
  • Ron Piche, former Montreal Expo pitcher – died of “cancer and blood poisoning” in 2011 (baseball)
  • Ray Price (Country star Ray Price back in hospital with sepsis) – died
  • Lura Lynn Ryan, Illinois former first lady – survived first bout with sepsis, later died of “complications from cancer”
  • Cory Wells, musician – died
  • John Wetton, musician – died




E coli


Infected wound


Intestinal infection or perforated bowel

Maternal sepsis




Toxic Shock Syndrome



If you know of any celebrities that you feel should be added to this list, please send the information to Thank you.

Updated January 14, 2021.