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    Before submitting your experience, please read the Faces of Sepsis submission guidelines. The guidelines also include suggestions on how to write about your experience.

    If you have previously submitted a story and have not heard back or you would like to make some changes, please email

    Please only submit your story once, one story per sepsis survivor or per tribute.
    Please limit your story to no more than 800 to 1,000 words.

    Have Questions? Read our Faces of Sepsis FAQ

    What are the guidelines for Faces of Sepsis Stories?

    1. If contributing a survivor story on someone else’s behalf, the person the story is about must be aware and consent to having the story posted on This consent must be in writing and signed by the individual survivor or authorized representative and available should Sepsis Alliance request it.

    2. If submitting a tribute, the contributor should be an immediate family member or have permission from an immediate family member, if one is available. The contributor shall provide written proof of his/her relationship and the appropriate individual’s written and signed consent should Sepsis Alliance request it.

    3. If desired, contributors may use first name, last name initial only, for confidentiality purposes.

    4. Photos are not mandatory, however stories with photos do have higher readership.

    5. Photos submitted with the story must be a non-copyrighted photo of the face of the person the story is about.

    6. Stories submitted with derogatory or inappropriate language will not be published..

    7. Names of facilities or individuals (such as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals) will not be published.

    8. Links to other pages may be included, but Sepsis Alliance reserves the right to remove any links from any story that do not fit its mission.

    What happens after I submit my story?

    Once your Faces of Sepsis story has been submitted, a member of the Sepsis Alliance team will reach out to you via email to ensure that the contact information we have is correct and, if necessary, to clarify any parts of the story that may not be clear. Please watch your email for this confirmation. If you have not received an email within a week of submitting your story, send a message to so we can check that your story was entered into the system. Please check your spam or junk mail folder first to make sure the email hasn't been redirected.

    Will my story be changed?

    We reserve the right to make minor edits to stories submitted for posting on the site. We make every effort to keep the contributor's voice in the story, editing for spelling and clarity. If there is confusion about any aspect of the story or major changes are needed, we will send you an email with the changes for your approval.

    Is there a word limit for a Faces of Sepsis submission?

    Please limit your story to no more than 800 to 1,000 words.

    Do I have to use my real name with my story?

    We encourage people to use their name when submitting a story, as it helps their friends and family spread awareness. However, given the sensitivity of some stories, we understand that not everyone is comfortable being identifiable online. If this is the case, you may use your initial or a nickname when you enter the information on the form.

    Do I have to submit a photo with my story?

    You do not have to submit a photo, although we have found that stories with photos are read more often than those without.

    What type of photo do you want for the story?

    Most people submit a head shot or profile shot of the person who is featured. If you want to include stories of family members or friends, please ensure that they are aware of and approve the use of their image online.

    Who can see my story?

    Anyone who visits the Sepsis Alliance website will be able to see your Faces of Sepsis story. As well, your story may be found through search engines such as Google

    Can I update my story?

    Faces of Sepsis stories can be updated by sending the information to

    Can I ask that my story be removed from the site?

    Faces of Sepsis stories may be removed upon request. It is important to keep in mind that although photos and text may be deleted from the site, copies may exist elsewhere online and may never be completely removed.

    How long will it take for my story to be posted?

    It can take from one to a few weeks for a Faces of Sepsis story to be posted on the site. Once your story has been posted, you will receive an email with the URL that you can share with others.

    Can I get involved in sepsis awareness efforts with Sepsis Alliance?

    Yes! We rely on volunteers to help educate others about sepsis. After you submit your story, you will receive a questionnaire so you can tell us how you would like to participate.

    Who Is This Story About?

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
    Please note that Sepsis Alliance only includes photos that feature the subject of the Faces of Sepsis story. We will not include other photos, including but not limited to photos of landscapes, cartoon characters, wounds, or copyrighted images. Photos must be original or owned by you to be included. YouTube videos can be linked directly in the story text.

  • Sepsis Alliance is committed to developing and implementing programs and initiatives to promote health equity, and to increasing public awareness about health disparities in sepsis incidence and treatment among marginalized populations. Therefore, our goals include supporting sepsis survivors of all racial and ethnic groups and advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion across the continuum of care. Your voluntary response will help us to measure the effectiveness of our support programs to be equitable, diverse and inclusive, and to address important disparities in health conditions among racial and ethnic minority groups. The data will also be used by Sepsis Alliance to better understand the demographic profiles of the communities whom it serves, and perspectives it may be missing.

    We value your input and will treat responses as confidential. In addition to using the data for internal reporting, aggregated summaries with no personal identifiers may be used in external reports, publicly on its website, or in other places. Sepsis Alliance will not share individual responses or the demographic information of any individual publicly.

    This questionnaire is voluntary. Every Faces of Sepsis™ contributor has the option not to disclose demographic information. By responding to the questions, you agree to the use of your data as described here.

    Thank you for your participation in Faces of Sepsis™.

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