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Diagnosed with Sepsis

You’re not alone

For anyone recently diagnosed with sepsis, this is the place to start. We cover the basics.

What Does it Mean

Faces of Sepsis

You’re not alone

Read stories from sepsis survivors and from people who have lost someone they love to sepsis. More than 1,000 stories cover the many types of infections that can cause sepsis, and the outcomes.

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Susan Glennon


Hi I’m really not over sepsis although its been 10 days since I was released from the hospital. If you are reading this I would like to share my story. I’m a busy gal. I thought cranberry juice and those UTI symptoms would get better. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections) They didn’t. I did not want to go to the doctor and get on antibiotics AGAIN. I had been showing all the signs of sepsis for weeks. Running to the cardiologist for this and that test of why my heart was pounding my temperature was 96.0. In the mean time, …

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Sonia Flanagan

Survivor, Survivor

46 yrs old Irish. Oct 2020 had horrific pain, fever, vomiting during a UTI. (I do self catheterization)  (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections, Sepsis and Invasive Devices) Became incoherent, rang an ambulance. Was immediately brought to ICU. My CRP levels were 860 WCC extremely high. Diagnosed with sepsis immediately. Spent 4 weeks in ICU, dialysis, transfusions, sedation, don’t remember much, another 5 weeks in step down ward. Now have to have bladder removed as had a relapse of sepsis and UTIs every 2 weeks. Really struggling with memory recall, fatigue, concentration and appetite. They said if I hadn’t come in …

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Debra Aplin

Survivor, Survivor, Survivor

I had my gallbladder removed in November 2020, I woke up screaming in pain my bowel had been perforated during surgery and sepsis was setting in. (Sepsis and Perforated Bowel, Sepsis and Surgery) I was taken back to theatre that night but the tear was not found my intestines were washed out, the next day I deteriorated so was taken back to theatre again where the tear was finally found in my small bowel and repaired. I knew nothing of the two operations until I awoke in a different hospital in ICU on a ventilator completely traumatised. I was terrified …

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Camille Baldwyn

Survivor, Survivor, Survivor, Survivor

1st February 2021 I had severe pain in my flank, I didn’t think much of it. The pain became unbearable so I rang 111 (the number to call for medical advice) only to be told to ring my GP. My GP told me to ring 999. Hours later paramedics arrived. I knew I had a kidney stone, the paramedics however believed it to be a slipped disc. (Sepsis and Kidney Stones) They wanted to me to go an out of hours GP but my heart rate was too high, so they took me to A&E. I waited hours in A&E, …

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Annmarie Williams

Survivor, Survivor, Survivor, Survivor, Survivor

Hi I am Annmarie. In 2010 I got a stomach bug and it’s changed my life. What ever the bug did affected my motility, then my gallbladder was removed. I ended up on IV nutrition in 2019. I have gastroparesis and likely severe sibo (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). In 2020 January, I had sepsis, a bad pseudomonas infection. Luckily antibiotics worked. I then had another infection in April 2020 and a yeast infection after. (Sepsis and Bacterial Infections, Sepsis and Fungal Infections) Some how I fell pregnant with twins in June but didn’t know until September when I was 18 …

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Faces of Sepsis
What is Sepsis?

Military & Veterans

Many of today’s life saving medical and surgical procedures were first discovered or refined by the military.

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Mental Health

Sepsis survivors and family members of people who have had sepsis may find themselves experiencing emotional and psychological issues that can make it difficult to move forward.

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It’s About Time™

It’s About TIME™ is a national initiative to raise awareness of sepsis and the urgent need to seek treatment when symptoms are recognized.

Early detection is the best hope to survive and limit disabilities when sepsis is present.
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Erin’s Campaign for Kids


Erin’s Campaign for Kids aims to combat the high incidence and mortality rates of sepsis among children. The campaign creates awards and training programs for nurses and other health professionals to help identify and treat a disease that, by conservative estimates, causes over 18 child deaths per day or 6,800 child deaths in the United States every year, more than pediatric cancers.

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