What is Sepsis?

Sepsis, which was often called “blood poisoning,” is a life-threatening emergency that happens when your body’s response to an infection damages vital organs and, often, causes death. Learn more about the symptoms of sepsis, which kills 350,000 adults each year in the United States.

Faces of Sepsis™

Faces of Sepsis™ is a collection of sepsis experiences, as told by sepsis survivors, caregivers, and those who have lost a loved one. Click below to read their stories or submit your own.

Krystal Anderson


Krystal Anderson: A Life Cut Short from Maternal Sepsis, A Legacy of Strength and Resilience Krystal Anderson’s life was marked by vibrant dedication to her passions and profound love for her family. A mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend, Krystal was a beacon of joy and inspiration to all who knew her. Her sudden passing at the age of 40 from maternal sepsis, mere days after the tragic stillbirth of her daughter Charlotte Willow, left a community in mourning and a family without its cornerstone. Krystal was a dynamic and impactful person to everyone she encountered. She thrived in dual ... Read Full Story

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Abhijit Manwar

Tribute, Tribute

My heart aches as I write this tribute to my beloved elder brother, Abhijit. He was a strong pillar in my life, always guiding me with his wisdom and kindness. His untimely departure on 21st March 2024 has left a void that can never be filled. Abhijit’s journey began with a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle through dieting. However, little did we know that this decision would have devastating consequences. His weight loss was accompanied by a weakening of his immune system, resulting in excruciating pain in his legs. Despite numerous treatments and medications, his condition only worsened, leading ... Read Full Story

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Charlene W.

Tribute, Tribute, Survivor

Hello to everyone, my story begins Jan 2024 after I had full hysterectomy surgery. (Sepsis and Surgery) They sent me home with the catheter in my bladder which gave me a UTI. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections) I was given antibiotics but obviously it wasn’t caught in time before invading my bloodstream and organs. A few days later my sister rushed me to the ER and demanded I was seen immediately. I was lethargic, weak, in pain, eyes yellow, 103 temp, very delusional. Immediately they started running tests, etc., and was told I had sepsis. I spent 2 weeks in ... Read Full Story

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Warren Camp

Tribute, Tribute, Survivor, Survivor

I went to the hospital with severe back issues, to get a cortisone injection on a Thursday night. They ran tests Friday & scheduled injection for Monday. Saturday, a nurse was replacing an IV. While putting in the IV, she stuck me with the catheter, then pulled it out, sit it down, then stuck me with the same catheter again, digging around (I knew it was wrong but the pain from the back I was in and speed this happened just let it go ). An hour later I noticed the swelling and shut off IV and called the nurse ... Read Full Story

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Andres Rosario

Tribute, Tribute, Survivor, Survivor, Tribute

English translation by Sepsis Alliance; original Spanish text follows. My father passed away at 61 due to organ failure caused by septic shock. My father was a diabetic and it all started with a check of his diabetes, after analysis and x-rays they found he had an enlarged prostate and would need to operate. The operation was successful, and he was sent home with a urinary catheter for 20 days. This worried me as I know that diabetics having a catheter for a prolonged time are at a higher risk of serious infection.  Once the catheter was removed, my father ... Read Full Story

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