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Top 9 Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot

September 15, 2020

It’s that time of the year again – the “should I or shouldn’t I get the flu shot” time. And the answer is yes, if you can get the flu …

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We All Should Be Concerned with Antimicrobial Stewardship

September 8, 2020

We keep reading and hearing that sepsis needs to be treated quickly to save limbs and lives. We also know that the usual treatment includes fluids and antibiotics. But with …

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Sepsis is a deadly complication of COVID-19, but more than 60% of adults don’t know.

September 6, 2020

The 2020 Sepsis Alliance Annual Survey reveals that as sepsis awareness reaches a record high, deep racial and ethnic disparities remain. Timed to coincide with Sepsis Awareness Month, Sepsis Alliance, …

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Get the Flu Shot Before COVID-19’s Possible Second Wave

September 1, 2020

Have you seen any signs saying “Get your flu shot here” yet? If you haven’t, you will soon. We’ve been living through a pandemic for the past several months, but …

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How Are Gastrointestinal Bleeding and Sepsis Connected?

August 24, 2020

What do gastrointestinal bleeding and sepsis have in common? On the face of it, it may seem like not much, however, if you have a hole in your gastrointestinal (GI) …

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Sepsis Survivor Alex Smith Returns to NFL After Serious Injury

August 19, 2020

As sports leagues and athletes struggle with the choices they have to make in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, one athlete, NFLer Alex Smith, has been cleared to return …

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Erika C. Collins Joins Sepsis Alliance Board of Directors

August 12, 2020

Sepsis Survivor and New York Lawyer Erika Collins joins the Sepsis Alliance Board of Directors to help save lives from sepsis. Sepsis Alliance, the nation’s first and leading sepsis organization, …

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Meet Our 2020 Nursing Award Winners

August 11, 2020

Sepsis Alliance Honors Six Innovative and Hard-Working Nurses Who Are Improving Outcomes for Sepsis Patients Within Their Communities Sepsis Alliance is proud to introduce the 2020 recipients of the Erin’s …

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Edwards Lifesciences Reaffirms Commitment to Sepsis Alliance Clinical Community

Sepsis Alliance announces renewed support from Sepsis Alliance Clinical Community’s Founding Sponsor, Edwards Lifesciences. Sepsis Alliance is pleased to announce that Edwards Lifesciences has renewed their commitment to educating healthcare …

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Mortality Among Black Children After Surgery Higher Than White Peers

August 5, 2020

It’s never easy to let your child go as they enter an operating room. Unless it is a dire emergency, you likely had time to think about the pros and …

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Mother Honored for Raising Sepsis Awareness, the Disease That Took Her Baby’s LIfe

August 3, 2020

Sepsis Alliance honors illustrator Alyssia Aguilar with the Erin Kay Flatley Spirit Award for creating a cartoon ladybug to help raise sepsis awareness among children and their caregivers. Aguilar lost …

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Meet The 2020 Class of Sepsis Heroes

July 19, 2020

Sepsis Alliance will honor the 2020 class of Sepsis Heroes during the virtual 9th Annual Sepsis Heroes gala on September 17, 2020. The gala will feature an exclusive performance by Las Vegas headliner and America’s Got Talent finalist Daniel Emmet.  Sepsis Alliance is excited …

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Can Abdominal Pain Be a Sign of Sepsis?

July 15, 2020

Sepsis symptoms listed on Sepsis Alliance’s TIME™ memory aid are the basic, most common sepsis symptoms: changes in body temperature (high or low), signs or suspicion of infection, changes in …

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Sepsis Alliance Welcomes New Board and Advisory Board Members

July 6, 2020

  New additions to the Sepsis Alliance Board of Directors and Advisory Board reinforce Sepsis Alliance’s commitment to improving sepsis awareness and care. Sepsis Alliance is pleased to announce the …

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The organization’s visual identity refresh incorporates a cohesive design and color scheme for all its subsidiary brands, which support its overall mission to save lives and reduce suffering by improving sepsis awareness and care.  Sepsis Alliance, the nation’s first and leading sepsis organization, …

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Sepsis Alliance & Elara Caring Partner to Improve COVID-19 and Sepsis Outcomes in Home Healthcare Patients

July 1, 2020

Public-private collaboration aimed at providing home healthcare workers with training and education on sepsis   Sepsis Alliance, the nation’s first and leading sepsis organization, and Elara Caring, one of the nation’s largest providers of home-based care, have embarked on …

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