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Sepsis Alliance Press Kit
Press Kit

Sepsis Awareness Annual Surveys

Sepsis Awareness Survey Findings

In 2010, Sepsis Alliance and Harris Interactive conducted a poll to get a better understanding of how many people in the United States could define the word “sepsis.” Results showed that the majority of Americans had never heard the word and of those who had heard it, many did not know what it meant. Repeat polls have been done each year, showing the, albeit slow, progress that is being made:

2011: Sepsis Awareness Shows Solid Increase Over Last Year but Still Low in U.S.

2012: Sepsis Survey Reveals Majority Americans, Especially Those Under 35, Have Never Heard of One of Deadliest Killers in America

2013: Fewer Than Half of American Adults Have Heard of Sepsis, One of the Deadliest Killers in the U.S., New Sepsis Alliance Survey Reveals

2014: New Survey Shows Most Americans Have Never Heard of Sepsis, Despite Sepsis Being Most Costly Hospital Condition in the U.S.

2015: Americans More Aware Of Many Rare Diseases Than Sepsis, According to New Sepsis Alliance Survey

2016: Fifty-Five Percent of Americans Have Heard of Sepsis – Nation’s Third Leading Killer – Sepsis Alliance Survey Reveals

2017: Sepsis: A Word to Know, a Meaning to Learn

2018: Sepsis Awareness Reaches 65%, Few Know the Signs

2019: Sepsis Takes More Lives Than Opioid Overdoses: But Most Adults Don’t Know

2020: Sepsis is a Deadly Complication of COVID-19, But More Than 60% of Adults Don’t Know

2021: Sepsis Awareness Survey

2022: Disparities in Sepsis Awareness Highlighted in 2022 Survey

2023: Sepsis Alliance Reinforces Call for National Sepsis Action Plan as Awareness of the Term Sepsis Dips to 63%