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Sepsis Alliance Voices


Sepsis Alliance Voices is a grassroots initiative, powered by individual sepsis survivors and advocates each committed to using their voice to champion policies, legislation, and research that save lives by increasing sepsis awareness and improving sepsis diagnosis and treatment.

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50 for Sepsis Awareness

Does your state recognize September as Sepsis Awareness Month?

Before 2011, none did! It is thanks to the hard work of grassroots sepsis advocates all across the country that 28 states total have now recognized the observance over the years. In 2020 alone, 12 states proclaimed September as Sepsis Awareness Month—and seven of those made the proclamation for the very first time.

  • 2020 First-time States: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Montana, New York, Virginia, Washington
  • States that Renewed in 2020: Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, Ohio

These are incredible milestones — but in 2021, we want all 50 states to pitch in to raise sepsis awareness. 

To get Sepsis Awareness Month proclaimed as an official observance in your state, you can contact your governor’s office directly and ask them to proclaim September as Sepsis Awareness Month. A good place to start is with the governor’s public relations team or constituent’s relations office, if they have one. Find out more about this process, including sample language, by downloading the 2021 Sepsis Awareness Month Toolkit. You can email Amanda Feinman with additional questions:

Check out the map below to discover the states that have committed to raise sepsis awareness as of 2020.