How Do You Treat Cancer?

Each type of cancer is different and there are many differences among each type, as well. One woman with breast cancer may have a different type of breast cancer than another.

The decision of how to treat each particular case of cancer rests on the doctor, your test results, and your overall state of health. Some cancers respond better to chemotherapy than radiotherapy, others are the other way around. Some cancers need radiotherapy to shrink the tumor before chemotherapy can be done or before surgery to remove the tumor. In yet other cases, surgery is done first, followed by treatment.

Several types of cancer, such as colon cancer and skin cancer, have a very high cure rate if detected early. The key is, though, early detection.

Can Cancer Be Prevented?

In many cases, the risk of cancer can be dropped by changes in your lifestyle. Of course, this is no guarantee that you will never get cancer, but a lower risk is better than a higher one.

Eating healthy foods, exercising and minimizing stress in your life seem to be the key factors in trying to reduce your own risks. As well, screening regularly for common cancers or for cancers that you may be at-risk for because of a family history or previous illness, plays a large role in curing or managing cancer.

Ask your doctor or healthcare provider what types of screening tests you should have and at what ages.


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