Shawnise Chantell


2019. After a peaceful beautiful birth of my third child, I opted in for a tubal ligation. I understood that the procedure was simple and harmless. The doctor was immediately ready for surgery so I didn’t get to bond with my baby and breastfeed.

Immediately after surgery I declined. I constantly voiced severe abdominal pain, showed signs of fever, low blood pressure, fatigue and fainting, as well as my refusal to eat. However all signs were ignored. During surgery the doctor perforated my bowel and it was left untreated for 6 days. (Sepsis and Perforated Bowel)

I remained hospitalized for 54 days. Within 48 hours post surgery, I received an NG tube and feeding tube. My pain gotten worse and help wasn’t immediate. My family pushed for emergent care; CT scan prompted emergency exploratory surgery. Surgery revealed a perforated bowel and several abscesses. I had a wound vac and several drainages.

A domino effect happened. Cultures revealed 3 deadly infections. The bowel injury led to congestive heart failure, upper respiratory and renal failure, sepsis (vomiting my bowels), double pneumonia and 2 blood transfusions. (Sepsis and Kidney Failure, Sepsis and Pneumonia) The day before my discharge, I went in cardiac arrest and flatlined for 20 minutes. During my VT cardiac arrest, a device was administering CPR and the doctor administered 5 shocks. I was in an induced coma for 48hrs to reduced the pressure of my heart and brain. I was also given medication intended to erase the event.

Sept. 11, 2019 I was finally discharged, but my home freedom was short lived. Within 24 hrs I was admitted to a new hospital for brain injury and onset of stroke-like symptoms, I had difficulty swallowing, walking talking, uncontrollable drooling and tremors. Followed by E coli. Given a Lifevest but it malfunctioned and exploded burning my back.

Dec. 4th 2019 I received a pacemaker which later became a recall. In a short period I survived 8 surgeries. Prior to becoming ill, I was a super healthy, jumping out airplanes, adventurous, loved climbing mountains, obtained a medical degree, had a good job and enjoying life with my kids. Trauma has a way of stealing joy from beautiful moments in our lives. I was in postpartum distress because I struggled with sending my newborn to her first-time dad for 6 months, while I was hospitalized and recovering. My 16-year-old was at home taking care of her 1-year-old sister. Flashbacks of my event led me to seeking the help of a therapist and psychiatrist. They helped me process and cope with the trauma, fears, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

My treatment is ongoing but I am now on a better path. As part of my healing process, my psychiatrist recommended that I write a book about my experiences. My published book is called, The Shawnise Chantell Story: God Within The Lily. Addressing my mental health has brought me to the point of sharing my story of pain & triumph. Instead of staying stagnant I wake on a misson to inspire the world. To empower, raise awareness and advocate for Women’s Health.

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