Shannon Martin


On September 29, 2019 my day started out with me feeling a little nauseous so I thought I was coming down with something. Later in the day my stomach was cramping like it always does when I have to go number 2. Only I couldn’t go. Then the cramps turned to pain that continued to get worse. Finally I told my husband to take me to the hospital. By the time we got there the pain was so bad I couldn’t talk. I cried and vomited because that was all I could do. The rest was a blur.

My husband said for the next 5 hours, they pumped me full of pain and nausea meds and told him it was just a kidney stone. (Sepsis and Kidney Stones) He said finally 5 1/2 hours they took me for a CT scan and he went out to make some calls. When he returned he said what must have been every ER staff was at my room. They told him my bowel had ruptured and they needed to rush me to surgery. (Sepsis and Perforated Bowel) They told him I also had sepsis, septic shock, acute kidney failure and acute respiratory failure. (Sepsis and Septic Shock) I spent the next week in ICU. When they was ready to release me the surgeon came in to evaluate just to find I then had 2 PE blood clots in my left lung. I spent 2 more weeks in the hospital. I had another surgery almost a year later to reverse the colostomy, repair 2 hernias, remove my appendix, right ovary and right fallopian tube. I should be grateful to be alive and I am but my life is not the same. I am tired all the time and have sleeping issues and have a leaky sphincter.

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