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Maria Headley


On November 3, 2020 Maria was taken to the ER with stomach pains. She was diagnosed with a twisted colon they did a arthroscopic surgery to untwist her colon. Then admitted her to the hospital. Then in 24 hours took her back in for surgery again this time they removed a small portion of her colon.

She was doing fine in 24 hours she was taken back in for another surgery because of a swollen abdomen. They found another twist and a tear from the previous surgery. (Perforated Bowel, Sepsis and Surgery) Came out of surgery with a ventilator. They moved her to ICU, her heart and blood pressure was dropping. She became very ill in 48 hours. They diagnosed her with septic shock. In 24 hours was put on a ECMO machine and in 6 hours put her on a kidney dialysis machine. In 5 days took her off the ECMO machine.

Then she had developed gangrene in her arms and legs.Doctors began talking about amputation of both arms and legs but she was still so ill she probably won’t live through the surgery. With much sorrow we agreed to move forward with the amputation she lost her left arm at the shoulder right arm at mid bicep both legs at mid thigh. She made it through the surgery and was doing well. In 12 hours her heart was skipping heart beats so they had to turn up her ventilator. The next day she had a MRI on her brain it showed she had suffered brain damage. In the next 24 hours she had another infection in her intestines. Her liver was failing. She was losing bone marrow and still on kidney dialysis machine. At this point we had to make the decision to let her rest in peace she had fought long and hard. Maria’s fight with septic shock ended on November 24,2020.

Source: Tammi Headley

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