Lorraine Straczynski


I had developed sepsis 3 times in my life in 2004, 2014 and 2018. 2004 and 2014 my sepsis advance to septic shock. Both times the sepsis originated from kidney stones. (Sepsis and Kidney Stones, Sepsis and Septic Shock)

In 2018 the sepsis was accompanied by pneumonia and it didn’t advance into shock. (Sepsis and Pneumonia) 2004 was the worst of the three episodes. When I got to the hospital I was nearly dead, I fell into a coma and was hospitalized for over a month. It seems that my respiratory system had been affected because it hasn’t been the same since. I do believe that I had also been affected psychological as well. Now anytime anything feels wrong I want to immediately go to the hospital in fear of sepsis. Even when nothing seems wrong I fear it. I’m constantly checking my temperature and blood pressure because for me they are the two quickest ways of checking for septic shock.

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