Kaitlyn Wilson


On August 14 2021, I came home from a hysterectomy that went wrong. (Sepsis and Surgery) I was found unconscious, low oxygen, fast heartbeat, high blood pressure, and was life flighted. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and septic shock. (Sepsis and Pneumonia, Sepsis and Septic Shock) I was in the hospital for a week on antibiotics, oxygen, and a hematoma, with internal bleeding.

I am now just over one year from the incident and have many side effects. I have had multiple surgeries, multiple CAT scans and MRIs to find out what is going on. From possible brain injury, MS, fibromyalgia, blood tests, how to find out I’m having post septic shock symptoms. I have muscle weakness that limits my daily activity, short term memory, memory retention, Fatigue, loss of sensation: taste, loss of sex drive. My joints are always in pain, I’m on vitamin injections, doing cognitive therapy, and take Cymbalta for muscle pain.

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