A. David Geldhof


My dad was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer one year ago today (1/17/2019). (Sepsis and Cancer)

He had a port for chemotherapy put in 2 weeks later and went through one round of chemo. (Sepsis and Invasive Devices) He fell ill with pneumonia on 2/16/2019 and within 24 hours developed sepsis, and died in the hospital unconscious two days later, on 2/20/19. (Sepsis and Pneumonia) Less than five weeks from his diagnosis. He died one week after his 71st birthday.

I miss him so much. I wonder every day, if had he not gotten that port, if he could have lived six months or even six weeks longer. He was taken too quickly.

I have not seen his death certificate so am unsure if it says cause of death to be lung cancer or sepsis, but it was 100% sepsis.

Source: His daughter