Samantha R.

Samantha R.

I am a survivor of reoccurring sepsis and post-sepsis syndrome. I have my initial sepsis back in 2020, hospitalised for 4 weeks, developed pneumonia, and kidney failure as secondary sepsis. (Sepsis and Pneumonia, Sepsis and Kidney Failure)

I have since had 3 reoccurring episodes each time with lengthy hospitalisation. I am 46 years old. Before this I was a very active executive. Now I struggle with everything, I no longer have the energy to even do the grocery shopping or even light house work. Any activity must be followed with a long recovery period. I am in chronic pain especially in my legs and lower back as a result of sepsis. I find it hard to stand or walk for longer than 10 -15 minutes.

I am always frightened of a relapse and the pain associated there is nothing worse then sepsis. I feel I have dodged death so many times now that my next episode could be my last. It’s terrifying.

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