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Sabryna Jeffrey


My daughter went for a fundoplication surgery. Following surgery she had extreme pain. (Sepsis and Surgery)  Took her back they did a barium swallow study. At that time (we did not know) but barium had leaked into her peritoneal cavity. We continued with crying spells, up all night, chronic ER visits to just be told nothing was wrong.

The pain, nausea, screaming of pain just continued. My daughter was disabled on top of it all. I did all care for her 24 hours a day. She then went in hospital, she had blood infection, sepsis and was treated through antibiotic I.V. Was them released the following week.

She still continued with nausea (but could not throw up due to the fundoplication, so we continued to live with chronic pain, screaming, low grade fever, stomach distended, bloating etc.

Back to ER because I just wanted help for her. None of this stopped. Finally I found a gastroenterologist who would do an colonoscopy and by this time he told me my case was insane (he told me I could do an illeostomy to save her and maybe give her comfort but it would not heal her (he basically told me she did not have long). She then still continued to have bile suctioned out of her hourly and daily for weeks, then put into hospice where I did full care by myself (did not trust NO one at this time ), until she passed in my arms, taking her last breath after I told her it’s ok “ momma will be ok,“ just go rest my beautiful baby girl.

She was 18 yrs and 6 months ! I believe because the barium was not removed and perforation was not fixed immediately that she passed away. (Sepsis and Perforated Bowel) No one helped me and I collected records and it was all in her files, barium unchanged since 2001 the year her surgery and swallow study were performed. Not 1 doctor told us this information except the gastroenterologist at the end who tried to help us! I live today with so much regret because I did not know what was wrong .

Source: Dawn (Mother)

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