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Rebecca Driver


In August 2016, I had a gastric bypass.  We did not know that I have problems with scar tissue. I had another baby boy August 2018. During my pregnancy I felt miserable. I thought I was going to die and wanted to. I cannot express the amount of pain that pregnancy put me through because my uterus was falling. We thought he was laying on my intestines.

In June (2019) one evening I started having horrific blackout pain. I was vomiting blood and literally dying. We went to our small hospital and I was airlifted quickly to a bigger hospital in Mobile, AL. After I was given morphine at the smaller hospital, I don’t remember anything. I woke up almost 3 weeks later On a ventilator. I found out my intestines had herniated and eventually ruptured. (Sepsis and Perforated Bowel) My entire body was in septic shock and my organs were already shutting down. I was a few hours shy of death. My surgeons and medical team told my husband I was probably not going to make it. Through God’s grace I fought and made it. I was told I would wake looking for my children and then would fall back under sedation.

I have had a very long journey trying to figure out how to live a relatively normal life again. The intestines have given me issues like short bowel syndrome and I have to watch nourishment very closely. The septic shock did more to me than I care to admit. In the beginning my body did not quite work like it should. I couldn’t get my legs or hands to work; though over time it has gotten much better. The biggest toll has been on my mind. I feel as if I am slower. I have always had a sharp quick mind and now it takes me a little longer to comprehend things. When there is a lot going in a room I cannot concentrate very well. Sometimes it takes me longer to remember things such as people’s names who I should immediately know. When you look at someone your mind automatically fills in blanks, such as I look at my spouse and my mind quickly would comprehend husband, Charlie, etc. Whereas now that comes but it almost seems slower like husband…Charlie…etc. (Sepsis and Post-Sepsis Syndrome) Some days are better than others, I’m not sure why. Some days I can get more tasks done and focus more. Other days I ache a lot and feel very exhausted and it takes a lot just to get my kids through the day. I am not a year out yet so I still have a prayer for some improvement. I am also very blessed with lots of family and church help.

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