Nicole Trevino

Nicole Trevino

Hello, My name is Nicole and in 2020 I had undergone a routine surgery which led to a bladder injury. (Sepsis and Surgery) During the surgery my bladder was injured which had left a hole. I had undergone two attempts that year which both failed and left me septic with Klebsiella, which was acquired. I was in the hospital multiple times with pyelonephritis and renal failure. (Sepsis and Kidney Failure)

I have been on over 700 antibiotics which included 14 bags while in renal failure. In July 2021 I had total abdominal reconstruction with treatment of the lesions and adhesions. I am currently waiting on a neuron system implant. I am having surgery in two weeks, this makes 5. I still have this colonization and am pretty besides myself because my physicians do not want to discuss with me. I have difficulty on a daily basis with life and would like to have my story heard for others.

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