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Koral-Ann Triplett


On May 3rd 2021 I went for a hernia repair. A week and a half later (5/15) I went to the hospital via ambulance due to 6 staples detaching and one drain tube accidentally being ripped out but was transferred to the same hospital as the hernia repair. (Sepsis and Surgery) I was given antibiotics for a few days and was told that the dark colored skin on my abdomen was normal bruising and that they wouldn’t be closing it back up, but the home nurse would do a certain wound dressing.

5 days later after being discharged I was once again rushed to the hospital via ambulance (5/25) except this time I had major drainage and a foul smell coming from my open incision. The ER doctor told me I had a fever of over 103 and was severely septic on the brink of septic shock, as well as the dark colored skin was not bruising but in fact was necrotic tissue. (Sepsis and Septic Shock) I was in no condition to travel to another hospital.

That night I had the first of 12 trips to the operating room to save my life. Every 3-4 days I was going in for debridement, skin removal, mesh removal/replacement and wound vac changes. After 39 days and 10 operating room trips I was discharged with a wound vac. 1 week later I was readmitted for an infection and went again to the operating room another 2 times during that 10 day stay. The one thing that kept me going was my 6yr old daughter. I’m still currently healing and am very anxious as to what life after sepsis is going to be like, because so far this is very hard mentally, emotionally, and physically. I don’t know what to do. Much love and respect to all my fellow sepsis survivors. Life tried to knock us down but we got back up with one hell of a fight.

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