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My daughter had gastric bypass resection on 10/14/20. (Sepsis and Surgery) I picked her up from hospital on 10/15/20. On the morning of 10/16/20, she was in severe pain and I phoned EMS.

She was taken to nearest hospital on that Friday, which was not a hospital her bariatric surgeon was affiliated. CT scan revealed “free air” perforation. Seven hours later, she was transferred to hospital where bariatric surgeon was affiliated. Another CT scan with contrast was performed, confirming perforation. (Sepsis and Perforated Bowel)

She was intubated, antibiotics, etc., but no surgical procedure until Wed., 10/21/20. That was 6 weeks ago and 10 surgical procedures. Consequently, she now has frozen stomach from scaring.

She will finally come home tomorrow radically thinner and still on liquid diet, 2 drainage tubes and tracheostomy.

We don’t know how long the road to recovery will be, but if anyone reading this has a daughter contemplating gastric bypass, please lead them in any other direction. It is a life or death decision.

Source: mother

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