George Mellen


I was involved in a fall accident. I suffered 10 broken ribs, fractured scapula, 2 crushed vertebrae, and a grade 5 AC joint separation. None of my injuries caused any broken skin or lacerations. However, 3 days into my hospitalization, I was septic which resulted in kidney failure, endocarditis, on a respirator numerous cases of pneumonia and other infectious diseases. (Sepsis and Kidney Failure, Sepsis and Pneumonia)

I was 76 days in the ICU and another 30 days in a rehabilitation hospital. Because of the severity of my situation none of my orthopedic injuries were addressed in that 106 days.

I have since recovered with stage 3B CKD without dialysis. Most of my lung function, and no need for heart valve replacement.
Not sure if the sepsis was a gift from the hospital?

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