Francisco Tienda


I went in for a meniscus repair on 10/ 1/2020.. At post op appointment on 10/9/21 I woke up with fluid coming out of incisions. Doctor said to apply a bandaid, ice and elevate. The pain/drainage got worse. (Sepsis and Surgery)

My daughter rushed me to the hospital on 10/23/21.; infection in the joint and in blood. I went into multi-organ failure and was put into an induced coma. Within 24 hours the doctors thought I would die. I was in a coma for 10 days. Spent 45 days in hospital got out on November 30,2020, My wife found new doctors and December 15,2020. I was admitted again to hospital with sepsis again to treat infection from pneumonia. (Sepsis and Pneumonia) My new knee doctor removed my ACL and cleaned the bone real good because was still infected. 12 surgeries and I am alive.

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