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Evan Carston

Evan Carston

A week before Easter 2018, I started to get a sore neck on the Sunday afternoon, It got worse as the day progressed. The next day I went to the doctor, got pain killers (codeine),which had no effect what so ever. Don’t remember much about the rest of the week, only that we went to hospital A&E on the Wednesday night, got more painkillers (tremadol) that didn’t work either.

Went back to A&E on Saturday night again for 6 hours. The nurse said to my wife I was jaundiced due to liver failing but the doctor still sent me home. Easter Sunday was feeling worse, could hardly stand and my breathing wasn’t normal. The nurse rang from the hospital for an update, then later the doctor that sent me home rang, told my wife to bring me back as I was getting very lethargic. So April 1st I was admitted with sepsis set in, and pneumonia (Sepsis and Pneumonia) I was put in an induced coma, and intubated for 2 weeks. I went into septic shock with multiple organ failure (liver, kidneys, lungs). (Sepsis and Septic Shock) Luckily I had many friends and family praying for me and by God’s grace I survived.

I was also fortunate to get the necessary medication and oxygen when required, I didn’t have any major side affects, just a few sepsis gifts such as fatigue and joint pains. After months of weakness, rehabilitation, IV and oral antibiotics, I slowly recovered. What is so scary is they don’t know how the little bugs got into my blood stream and bones.

I was 59 years at the time.
PS due to the fact I wasn’t suppose to live (wife was told 3 times I probably wouldn’t make it) with no entrance wound for the bacteria to enter I would have been referred to the coroner for further examination. Praise God I’m still here as a survivor, a sepsis warrior

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