Elinor Goldie


First time 2007, bowel perforation, and two days lying in hospital as new year lack of staff. (Sepsis and Perforated Bowel) Scan two days later, hole in bowel.Emergency surgery and colostomy and woke up days later intensive care: sepsis and would be lucky to survive night. Family called.

I did survive but kidneys and organs took bashing. Unwell, PTSD, I was terrified and still constipated. 2014 Ileostomy op and okay at first but off and on infections, dental and upper airways but no one mentioned sepsis. Pain ,nausea and more infections. They found gallstones but said they were fine. My ileostomy bag was in overdrive, up to 15 full bags yellow fluid every day.

They found I had low magnesium yet still so sick, sweats. I felt as if I was dying. Then Dec. 2020, sickness got worse. Hubby took me to emergency and sepsis because of infected of bile ducts. I had ERCP (a procedure to diagnose and treat problems in the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, and pancreas) and over twenty stones removed from ducts. (Sepsis and Gallstones) Covid was on and I had infection after infection, 13 antibiotics in year and then cancellation of gallbladder removal, big operation. l haven’t picked up and another infection of wound that I left hospital with.

End of April, Covid was passed to me, pain in chest, emergency hospital, clot on lung, pleurisy, pneumonia and just had follow up X-ray last week. Still I have sweats and feel like I have infection. For three years I kept saying I’ve got infection and they didn’t listen. One doctor gave me two roll on deodorants lol. Sepsis followed.
I was 62 in August and I keep asking why do doctors not act sooner and with Covid and waiting lists long, more will die of sepsis. l have bloods tomorrow as under new doctors and they are great. Also have hashimotos, kidney disease, and fibromyalgia, always in pain. Tinitus of ears and loss of hearing in last few years and all relate to sepsis. l know I am lucky to be alive and no loss of limbs but I can’t function, tired all time, can hardly do anything and I feel there is neglect by doctors but where do you start so I left it.

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