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I am a RN and also sepsis coordinator for my hospital. My mother was battling stage 4 ovarian cancer for 2 years when she developed a cough after Halloween. (Sepsis and Cancer) She was receiving chemotherapy and I encouraged her to see a doctor for her cough. A cough to us isn’t much, but can be deadly for someone on chemo. She dismissed me and stated she was ok.

A couple days later she feels worse and needs my breathing machine to help her. I, once again, strongly encouraged her to see a doctor or go to the ED. She refused, saying she would call her PCP to get medications the next day. The next day came and while at work I received a phone call from her oncologist stating they couldn’t get a hold of her. I called her, no answer. A friend went to her mobile home, no answer. My husband let the friend in the house where my mother was found incapacitated.

She was rushed to the local ED (which was my ED) and diagnosed with septic shock. (Sepsis and Septic Shock) She was intubated and placed on vasopressor to keep her BP normal. She survived for 24 more hours before going home to our Lord. I had spoken to her on numerous occasions about what I learned as a sepsis coordinator and the importance of taking care of herself while on chemo. This can happen to anyone and I beg everyone to have that talk with their stubborn family member or any other family member. This, I believe, could’ve been avoided and my mother might still be here. Spread the Sepsis Word because it is a real thing and can become deadly quite easily.

Source: Lauren B. -daughter

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