Dennis S.


After having a colonoscopy due to minor but long term bleeding, they found I had numerous tumors in my descending and transverse sections of my colon. Because they were in 2 of the 3, they said the whole colon had to be removed, the tumors would appear in the
ascending portion within a year. Surgery was done, removed the colon, built a Hartman’s pouch and re- attached my intestine. Just 24hrs after surgery, something was wrong. (Sepsis and Surgery)

They had placed me in a ICU unit in an induced coma. It took a couple days but found out 1 of the stitches broke and was leaking inside my abdominal cavity. Severe peritonitis followed with multiple organ failure. My kidneys, lungs and heart all quit. The doctors told my family that severe septic shock from a peritonitis infection has a 90+ % mortality rate, and they should prepare for the worst. (Sepsis and Septic Shock)

After 39 days of the ICU and induced coma, they brought me back out of the coma. I was still in a state of incoherent due to the massive pain medication for another month. Another month after that, they wanted to send me to a rehabilitation hospital, but I refused and was sent home with a home care nurse and a PT every other day. Another 30 days of that, while I was still on daily IV antibiotics taught and given to me by my son, I was considered cured.

I was 174lbs when I went into surgery and now was only 110 lbs. It still took another 6 months to recover and then return back to work part time. Went back full time about 3 months later. I was told that this type of infection with MOF was the worst type somebody can get. As I said, it has a 90% mortality rate and then the remaining 10% that survived, only 30% live past an additional 12 months. 10 years now, and after working for 4 yrs of them, I’m still not the same. I’ve endured another 8 major surgeries,, contracted spinal meningitis, gall bladder failure and removal, lower lumbar spinal stenosis, massive hernia’s, ostomy resurrection, COPD from long term ventilator, sepsis an additional 3 times from bacterial infections. Still to this day I endure massive abdominal pain from the massive amounts of scar tissue, multiple intestinal blockages due to intestinal adhesions, and severe joint and muscle pain I didn’t even think or know would be from septic shock.

I’m totally disabled now live with my son and am still learning of all the issues that this type of infection and septic shock can leave you with. I was never told of all the issues I could have when I was released from the doctors care. So if you or someone you know end up with a intestinal leak, and God forbid, go into septic shock, please address the doctors and make them go over what will, could, or might happen. You’ll be able to make reasonable decisions regarding work and your daily life’s. I wasn’t told, and had to live these issues day by day for 10 years now.

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