Debra Aplin


I had my gallbladder removed in November 2020, I woke up screaming in pain my bowel had been perforated during surgery and sepsis was setting in. (Sepsis and Perforated Bowel, Sepsis and Surgery)

I was taken back to theatre that night but the tear was not found my intestines were washed out, the next day I deteriorated so was taken back to theatre again where the tear was finally found in my small bowel and repaired. I knew nothing of the two operations until I awoke in a different hospital in ICU on a ventilator completely traumatised. I was terrified not knowing anything about sepsis, but also knowing how near death I was and my body was so weak. By the time I went home I was on a walker for awhile as I had no balance and was very weak, my wound also came open with a staph infection which required nursing help for the first two months to pack and dress it.
It is 3 months and I am still struggling with pain, weakness, fatigue and fear of it returning.

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