Cynthia Andresen


In October 2019 I had a gallbladder attack at home and fainted, resulting in liver being involved along with the gallbladder. (Sepsis and Gallstones) I had sepsis that quickly went into sepsis shock and then PSS that included hallucinations, blindness (I am legally blind but this affected the eye that I have some vision in as well). (Sepsis and Hallucinations, Sepsis and Septic Shock)

When I returned home I was not well and got worse; on Christmas my brother-in-law who is a nephrologist in OR called and did not like my voice. He flew out to TN the next day and as soon as he saw me he called 911. I was on “death’s door.”. PSS for the 2nd time. Several months later I went into the hospital again with sepsis. I had lost 75 lbs. and was failing again. Many psychological things happened during the first two times but I don’t have room to go into that—no doctors ever told me/us about what I was going through. If it had not been for my brother-in-law coming all the way to TN from OR I would have died- he is a hero! Suffice it to say I am doing well and was told by my GI doc that I am a “poster child” (I am 66 LOL).

My story is intense because a lot of people used my illness to manipulate me during that time b/c one can be quite manipulated while in sepsis shock. Luckily my body is learning how to be itself again and my gallbladder is fine now; I don’t have to have an operation unless stones arise and that will be checked in a year! Now I would love to volunteer to sit with people who are experiencing what I did or play my harp and do music therapy with them b/c the harp is so calming.

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