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Christopher Cavanaugh


I had an abscessed tooth that went to my blood stream. (Sepsis and Dental Health) Then the doctor suddenly stopped my prednisone, then I got pneumonia, and lastly septic shock and ELI, as well as acute kidney failure. (Sepsis and Impaired Immune System, Sepsis and Pneumonia)

My brother one night heard my sleep as being abnormal and couldn’t wake me up. I was non-responsive even to the EMTs, I was put in ICU for seven days with a PICC line and numerous IVs with Cortef and fludrocortisone. I did recover and am still not completely over it yet. If you are sick, can’t stand or stay alert, and just want to sleep, go to the hospital. Please – every single second counts, and it can kill you if let go too long, your B/p will bottom out. Get to a hospital as soon as possible.

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