Bill Dawson


My Dad was paraplegic and survived septic shock 3 times before he died from it. (Sepsis and Paralysis, Sepsis and Septic Shock) The first time it was caused by a home health care nurse who didn’t insert an indwelling catheter correctly. (Sepsis and Invasive Devices, Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections) Dad at first had no urine output then flu-like symptoms with a high fever. Then he got really bad shakes (rigors). The hospital staff was baffled until he got sudden pulmonary edema.

As I was in the ICU waiting area as they intubated my Dad, I spotted literature on signs of septic shock. I ran in slammed it down in front of the doctors and said “This is what is wrong with my Dad, now fix it”. Bingo that’s exactly what it was. He was released from the hospital 7 days later full recovery. The next few time was caused by wound infection. Unfortunately every episode weakened his heart and kidneys and the last septic infection was his last. He passed away January 21, 2019. Time (acting quick to symptoms) and awareness are the most important tools in survival of sepsis. My Dad was a fighter and an amazing man, father and friend.

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