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Agnes R.

Agnes R.

My Mom died from sepsis after she contracting an infection in the hospital in 2007 in New York.
We watched her suffer and deteriorate over approximately 5 weeks in the hospital.

She was a young 81 year old and we thought she had much more life to live until she bled out after an early morning surgery to open part of her lung to get rid of the infection. We were by her side in the ICU when she passed and my sister what the strong odor was and was told it was bleach to kill the ‘bugs’ which meant viruses./infections.
While we made arrangements for her funeral, the funeral director asked the details of her death and where she died. When we told him, he said that the hospital was known for deadly infections.
We watched my father suffer and deteriorate after 5 weeks he passed away in the hospital in 1987 from cancer.
I wished at the time that we could do something about it to try to warn others about it.
I would like to know if there is anything I could do now to help.

Source: Nancy R. / Daughter

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