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Zoe Hadaway

Zoe Hadaway

Hi all. I am 46 years old and last September I was feeling unwell at home. I was constantly really really thirsty although I could keep no food down. This went on for 2 days before I fell off the toilet!

My mum was there and came in to see what had happened. She phoned my emergency doctor who basically told her off for disturbing her at 11pm at night, so she called 111 and explained my symptoms. An ambulance arrived and the last thing I remember was crying because they would not give me my water bottle.

One week later I awoke from a coma in intensive care and suffered serious hallucinations, was rude to the point of extreme to ALL the staff and cried all the time. (Sepsis and Hallucinations) I had an abscess on my liver which had burst. I was taken by helicopter to Kings College Hospitals, very well known liver intensive care unit where I continued to be seriously unhappy as I was still hallucinating and imagining things that were not there. I also could see no family because of covid.

I had died once and was on the critical list for a few days. I remember the thirst well. I was sooo thirsty I would have taken any fluid just to quench it a bit. I tried every trick in the book to get some water to no avail and my behaviour was so bad I had a report and chart put up to monitor it. I eventually left intensive care after a month and then another week on a normal ward before I went home. Over the last 6 months I have suffered terribly with nightmares, vision reminders and panic attacks. It is awful and my doctor is not very understanding. Anyway thank you for taking the time to read this. Zoe x

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