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Wilma Dykstra

Wilma Dykstra

I had an abscess 15 years ago on the outside of my vagina . I didn’t think too much about it. Then I started to experience pain inside ( lower back , butt pain and rash on outside ). My doctor put me on an anti inflammatory.

We went on a vacation right at that time. While on vacation I felt something travel through my body, head to toe ! I did not go to a hospital even though I knew I was really sick. I actually felt it travel through my heart. When we got home I went straight to the doctor’s . He couldn’t find anything wrong, but I was in extreme pain every where. I told them I feel better on antibiotics but doctors just don’t hand them out. I had streptococcus and bronchitis every month. I even tasted the infection. I am still on antibiotics and feeling better every day. I have PTSD from all the pain. I believe I survived a sepsis infection from my uterus.

Sepsis and Bacterial Infections

Sepsis and PTSD

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