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Trevor Brimson

Trevor Brimson

I was admitted to hospital with leukaemia whilst in hospital. I contracted C-diff. (Sepsis and Cancer, Sepsis and C. difficile) The medical staff used a faecal management system on me. This caused a pressure ulcer to develop in my anus. (Sepsis and Pressure Ulcers/Injuries) I have never felt pain like it.

I was released from hospital after two months but had to return regularly to have my bloods checked. A couple of months passed by and I was visiting the hospital to have my bloods checked, and I collapsed in the reception. My sister who had driven me to the hospital had gone to park the car and when she appeared in the reception, staff were trying frantically to revive me but all my body functions were failing. They diagnosed sepsis. I was placed in a medically induced coma.

I remained in this state for about two months. I would like to say I have made a full recovery but I am still living with the effects of the hospital’s negligence. Whilst in the coma I was fitted with a stoma bag to divert faeces away from the rectal wound. Why they didn’t fit this when I had an open wound in my anus is a question that needs answering. After being brought around from the coma, I was like a baby. I had lost so much muscle mass I couldn’t do anything for myself. I was so weak.

After some physiotherapy I was discharged from hospital. It was too soon and I was readmitted to hospital for some more physio. Some two years on from first being admitted to hospital for the leukemia, I still have not fully recovered. I still have an open wound in my anus. I can only walk by using crutches. I should consider myself lucky that I survived sepsis but my life has been ruined. I suffer from depression and am unable to do anything I used to enjoy, working on my cars and motorbikes. I used to love cycling, something I took up to lose weight, but as it is it’s just too painful to sit on a bike. I hope things are going to get better but I really don’t know when. I am alive but quite honestly wish I had died because I don’t live anymore I exist.

If you or a loved one are experiencing feelings of hopelessness, depression, or thoughts of suicide, please seek help from a professional mental health expert. We also have resources on our Mental Health page.

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