Tammy Howell


I was my mom’s caretaker for two and a half years. She passed away on November 7th. I was sick afterwards, and thought I had the flu. I isolated myself.

I couldn’t hold anything down, not even water; I hurt horribly, and was breathing quickly. Hubby took me to ER on November 10th. I was diagnosed with sepsis caused by a kidney infection. (Sepsis and Bacterial Infections) My kidneys failed, but did come back to normal.

I have lived with pain all my life, but that pain was horrible. I missed my mom’s funeral, and they sent me home after three days. I’m still not right five months later. I had a bout of depression. I’m hoping and praying for strength to return, and thankful to be alive. Have a great day.

If you or a loved one are experiencing feelings of hopelessness, depression, or thoughts of suicide, please seek help from a professional mental health expert. We also have resources on our Mental Health page.