Steven Wirtz


My story about sepsis changed my life tremendously both financially and mentally.

That day I was diagnosed with double phenomena and I went home and went to bed to sleep. (Sepsis and Pneumonia). During that same night, I woke up and went to seek help. While I was driving back home I was pulled over by a police officer for careless driving. As I was being interviewed and questioned, I was asked by the officer to perform a breathalyzer and not knowing at the time of sepsis, I had I couldn’t perform the breathalyzer and was arrested for failure and arrested for DUI.

Toxicology reports indicating that I never had any alcohol or illegal drugs system. I was charged with reckless driving. I wish at the time of my experience I would have been aware of sepsis and what and how it was and its affects on your mind. The police and justices didn’t have any compassion for me and I still had to pay the price for sepsis. I wish more people would be aware of this horrible condition and its effects on you.

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