Steven Mounce


February. 23, 2020, I woke up feeling great, having a normal Sunday (church, lunch, meetings). During an afternoon meeting, I became cold and extremely disoriented. I started to shiver out of control and was taken to the hospital. My fever was 106.

I was placed in a chemical-induced coma for 5 weeks and in the ICU for 6 weeks. I had a tracheostomy and was placed on a ventilator. I also had multi-system organ failure with dialysis. (Sepsis and Dialysis)

I was diagnosed with a rare form of pneumonia which was the cause of my sepsis. (Sepsis and Pneumonia)

I finally got to go home. I worked my way from a wheelchair, to a walker, to walking. I have gotten my life back, except for some minor weakness and a little brain fog.

I am thankful to have survived sepsis.

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