Steven Keske


In April 2020 my son came to me and said his leg hurt. I coughed it up to growing pains. The next morning he woke up to a rash and a fever. He said he leg hurt. Called his doctor and was referred to urgent care. The urgent care doctor said it was a virus and let it take its course. And do Google Covid testing sites. Within 24hrs I found my son’s lifeless body, I rushed him to the children’s hospital and that’s when we found out what he really had. If I didn’t check on him that night he would be dead the doctor said.

Steven spent 10 days in PICU, 4 surgeries and 2 months on a PIC line. He was diagnosed with sepsis, toxic shock and osteomyelitis in the hip, femur and knee. (Sepsis and Toxic Shock Syndrome, Sepsis and Bacterial Infections)  We thought he was cleared and found out he has lesions and cysts on his kidney from a blood clot that was missed during surgery. He is still fighting this today. They key here is the pain in the joints, the rash, the fever, the skin feeling hot to touch, the high blood pressure. Hopefully my son’s story can help save another child or an adult from waiting until it’s too late. So many doctors failed my son also that day. Be the voice and push for answers. Don’t just take the word of one! Through the pain he still smiles!

Source: Barbara, Mother

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