Steve H.

Steve H.

I’m a 37 y/o make previously in good health until I was hospitalized with multiple organ failure due to an extreme case of rhabdomyolysis in September of 2021 and admitted into the ICU immediately. I spent a month in the hospital not expected to survive but after having dialysis for a few months, I made a miraculous recovery which surprised the doctors. (Sepsis and Dialysis),The rhabdomyolysis completely paralyzed my right arm and shoulder area which I’m still slowly working on getting function back.

A few months later I noticed my blood pressure was dropping and my heart rate was in the 30s. I quit breathing and my heart stopped during the early morning in March 2022. Luckily I live with a registered nurse and she noticed my strange breathing until it stopped. I was dead for a couple minutes until the CPR brought me back. By this time the ambulance had arrived and did whatever they had to do (I was hallucinating and I can only remember a couple flashbacks until later in the ER). I was admitted into ICU again with septic shock. (Sepsis and Septic Shock, Sepsis and Hallucinations)I knew something wasn’t right the days leading up to this but I didn’t want to go back in the hospital so I chose to ignore it which really should’ve caused my death if nobody was right nearby. I still have post septic shock syndrome and the hallucinations I had during this gave me nightmares and night sweats every day. We still aren’t sure what caused it but I had been vaccinated right after my first discharge from the hospital. I don’t know if that had anything to do with it.

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