Sonia Flanagan


46 yrs old Irish. Oct 2020 had horrific pain, fever, vomiting during a UTI. (I do self catheterization)  (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections, Sepsis and Invasive Devices)

Became incoherent, rang an ambulance. Was immediately brought to ICU. My CRP levels were 860 WCC extremely high. Diagnosed with sepsis immediately. Spent 4 weeks in ICU, dialysis, transfusions, sedation, don’t remember much, another 5 weeks in step down ward. Now have to have bladder removed as had a relapse of sepsis and UTIs every 2 weeks. Really struggling with memory recall, fatigue, concentration and appetite.

They said if I hadn’t come in by ambulance I wouldn’t have survived the night. I do self catheterization so the sepsis came from the bladder (urosepsis). Truly thankful to be alive but worried about having surgery as sepsis is the biggest complication.. Need surgery because of sepsis so it’s a double edge sword.

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