Sheri Ritchie


All of a sudden, while sitting in my car, getting ready to take a friend to work, this feeling of overwhelming terrible sickness came over me.
I figured it was just a relapse of the covid I had dealt with about 10 days prior and thought I was free and clear from up to now.
I gave myself about 15 minutes before I called off taking my friend to work.I went to where I knew I could just lay and rest and then I proceeded to turn into just a ball.

I had a piercing pain in my upper right back when ever I took a breath. I began to have some form of phlegm or discolored spittle come up when I would cough. At best, with my pain, I could only volunteer two coughs each time I would cough. I spent about 18 hours like this then called 911.
I was taken into ICU and given oxygen, intravenous fluids and the diagnosis of double pneumonia, sepsis and covid. (Sepsis and Pneumonia, Sepsis and COVID-19)

I’m presently in a nursing facility a week after self admission into the hospital/ICU, and I’m just discovering the severity of sepsis and I feel concerned about what if any possible impact having sepsis will produce in my future.
I’m doing all that I can to be my own best advocate medically, gain educational momentum from here in efforts to springboard from here with as much knowledge and control as “the powers that be” allow. I do not want to be a post-sepsis survivor statistic finding myself with any form of additional infection or continued infection within 30 days of being discharged from where I’m at now! Or anytime there after that! Best healthy foot forward!

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