Shannon Loter


My beautiful love of my life passed away due to sepsis at the young age of 32. She was such a happy and healthy girl, but because of an infection from a cut, she suddenly got very sick and passed away after spending a week in the ICU. (Sepsis and Bacterial Infections) We had our whole life planned together, we spent every moment with each other.

It hurts to have had her taken away so quickly. She had such a kind heart, and was so much bigger than any illness no matter how bad. Even though she’s gone forever, I’ll always live my life as if she was still with me. I wish we were more careful, and it shows how fragile your body can be. I’m glad that she didn’t spend too much time suffering, and before her sudden illness she was full of joy. I’m so happy my girlfriend made the most of every day she was here.

Source: Cory Walaitis, Domestic Partner

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