Rheanna S.


On 16th of February 2019, I was rushed into hospital in labour at only 21 weeks. (Sepsis and Pregnancy & Childbirth) I was alone and terrified for my unborn child. Unfortunately, later which I learnt, I was going into septic shock. (Sepsis and Septic Shock)

I gave birth to my stillborn son at 3:28am. So much of it was a blur I had lost so much blood during labour and with sepsis attacking my kidney, liver and heart. I struggled to stay alert. I remember being rushed to the theatre room. I was terrified alone and broken inside. Once out of theatre, my body started to fail and give up. Next thing I remember was waking in ICU attached to 13 machines keeping me here. And wake up to the harsh reality that I had lost my baby boy, while still in ICU I managed to organise my son’s funeral alone for my pride as his mother. Even though I was bed bound I swore I would carry my son on his funeral day. Which I somewhat built myself again in order to do so. To this day I’m affected and waiting open heart surgery.

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