Phoofa Walton-Carter

Phoofa Walton-Carter

Phoofa went in on a Tuesday to have a simple procedure done (cyst removal) and died 9 days later. Phoofa developed a fever two days after surgery of 103.4 and was taken to the ER where we sat for almost 4 hours before being seeing. (Sepsis and Surgery) Phoofa was then placed on a gurney for another 24 hours in the ER before being admitted and taken to a room.

After a series of more tests, she underwent a second surgery resulting in the removal of one infected fallopian tube and several pus pockets. We were then informed that she had developed a small blood clot in her lungs and was immediately started on a blood thinner although she was already bleeding internally.

Phoofa seemed to be feeling somewhat better after her second surgery but as the day progressed, she struggled to stay awake. Phoofa began retaining blood in her abdomen to which the treating doctors only watched. Unfortunately, as time passed Phoofa’s pain and fever increased so the decision was made to transfer her to ICU. While in the ICU I was informed that her liver functions were decreasing and that her kidneys were showing signs of destress. It wasn’t until Phoofa had been in the hospital for a week that I was told that she had developed sepsis and Phoofa died two days later.

No one told me how sick my baby truly was throughout this entire process, and it wasn’t until she passed, and I found this website did I have the full understanding of what was going on. I trusted all her care providers and they failed me and Phoofa. How does an active health 19-year-old young lady die 9 days later and two days before her 20th birthday from a simple routine procedure?

Source: Regina Butler, mother

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