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Patera McGee JR.

Bug's Angels, Tribute

We called him PJ. He was 7.5 when he passed away. He was diagnosed one day with pneumonia, then the next day I took him back to the doctor because he was declining. (Sepsis and Pneumonia) Seemed to be doing much worse and I was told he had become septic and was dying. He died within hours.

I had no clue about sepsis. I had heard about it but honestly it never even crossed my mind. He went to doctor because of his breathing. They gave us a breathing treatment and medicine. We went home and he was sleepy which is normal and started throwing up. I was told that was normal as well with pneumonia. The next morning he finally held some liquid down so I thought we were getting over the hump. He never ran fever! So I wasn’t concerned. But when he woke up from nap I could tell his lips were looking a little pale and he seemed too tired and weak. So I took him to ER. I found out he was septic and heart was enlarged.

He passed a few hours after that. I fee like it’s my fault. I feel like I should have known. I should have taken him back to doctor sooner. This is the worst feeling in the world. My angel. He needed me to take care of him. I tried. I didn’t know he was septic. I didn’t know what to look for. I want to spread awareness now. I want to help other parents know what to look for.

Sepsis and Children

Source: Crystal McGee - Mother

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