Myra Donow


Posted on April 5th, 2019

Joanne Gorelick, daughter

My mom was diagnosed with a second relapse of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and they had virtually no hope of being able to treat this disease successfully for a third time. (Sepsis and Cancer) In addition, she was having chronic bladder infections and the urologist reported that she had ‘spots’ on her kidneys that he wanted to treat with chemo injected into her bladder that would be sucked up into the kidneys by a shunt that would be implanted.

After just two days on the chemo pills that my mother was given despite little to no hope of it having any beneficial effect, my mom was admitted to the hospital with a bad bladder infection and a fever.(Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections) She stopped the chemo pills right away. The doctor told me not to worry, that they would get her started on antibiotics, and then they would implant the shunt the next day.

Well, after five days they still had not implanted the shunt as my mother was still running a fever. They kept changing the antibiotic, but none had reduced the fever. The doctor told me that my mother had sepsis and that she was fighting for her life.

When I heard this I immediately asked the doctor to give her high dose vitamin D. He was willing but he called me back and told me that the hospital did not have vitamin D in their pharmacy! They only had a calcium supplement with 400IU of vitamin D included. I told him not to bother with it.

Instead, I called my brother who was local to the hospital and asked him to give my mother 50,000IU of vitamin D for three days straight. Actually, there was no need, as within 24 hours of receiving the first high dose of vitamin D, my mother’s fever broke and they were able to implant the shunt!

My brother and I had a communication error, and instead of giving her the high dose vitamin D for three days, he continued to give it to my mom for eight days. So, we spoke and he curtailed the dosage immediately. In any case, my mom was released from the hospital and was able to go home.

She followed up shortly with the oncologist for the lymphoma, and when he did the next scan there was no sign of the lymphoma.

She followed up with the urologist about the spots on her kidneys, and when he repeated the scan, the spots were gone! Whereas side effects from pharmaceutical drugs are usually negative, side effects from nutritional supplements can be very positive.

It is very important for people to be aware of the role that Vitamin D insufficiency plays in sepsis. There was an important study about this back in 2011. Please get the word out!!! See