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Moses Thomas

Moses Thomas

Who knew I would be telling a sepsis organization my story about my best friend, my life partner. I guess you could say it happened over 15 years ago with a lump on his leg. He ignored it, in time it got bigger to the point where it started bleeding.

Two years ago he went to his primary doctor. We both knew what it was but we hoped it wasn’t, so the doctor told us we had to make appointment at the cancer center in Norwalk hospital.  (Sepsis and Cancer)

We did. He started radiation. It didn’t work. He had to have a surgery. We went through a lot of doctor appointments, going to the wound care to have the wound cleaned out. They took his whole calf off. He was in pain all the time. This last time he had surgery, February 13th, sepsis took over. He was out of it for 4 days. He just started talking 2 days ago. He really doesn’t know what’s going on. He thinks he’s home. It has taken over. This was a guy that fixed cars, walked the dog, now he’s in a hospital bed, doesn’t know whats going on it’s very sad

Source: Melinda Heffron, partner

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