Michaela Porter


Thankfully I am able to share my story and hopefully bring some light to this and awareness. I was induced at 39 weeks and didn’t advance very far so they decided to preform a c section to get my baby out safely. (Sepsis and Pregnancy & Childbirth)

I was doing great up until 24 hours after my surgery I had gotten up to go pee and came back and was shivering cold. I then felt my head and was super hot. I called my nurse to let her know that I thought I had a fever. She came in to take my vitals and left. She came back with 5 nurses trying to figure out what was going on. Finally they let me know that my heart rate was 160, my blood pressure 80/60 and my fever was 104. No one knew what was going on and why. So they started me on fluids and antibiotics. Thankfully this worked and slowly I started to return to normal.

After every test under the sun they could preform and finally declared it septic shock. (Sepsis and Septic Shock) They have no idea where it came from. I am thankful that my team did what they did and when they did. During this I also found out I had a blood clotting disorder and that I could have had a blood clot during my pregnancy that broke off into pieces and caused an infection. To say I am lucky to still be alive is an understatement. I will always listen to my body and be an advocate for this since many people end up with sepsis and no one knows what is going on. Here I am 8 months later and finally feeling back to myself, and thankfully my baby is healthy and happy and I get to spend time with him.

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