Matthew Sucese

Featured, Survivor

About a couple weeks ago (currently the 17th of July) I was sent to the ER to find out I had a 8MM kidney stone, after blood work they had taken a different tone. I wasn’t aware I had sepsis until the second day in the hospital, they wanted to keep me calm until I had my surgeries. (Sepsis and Kidney Stones)

My nurses and doctors were fantastic I am incredibly thankful they were so attentive and so kind when I was at my worst. I was told that if I waited a day it would have been fatal, I would have died. I remember that feeling the feeling that I could have died had I waited a day because I told myself “it would get better”and “I don’t wanna bother anyone” it was all a nightmare and far too much to handle.

The sepsis aftershock aka (PSS) has left me with joint, muscle pain, hair loss, extreme fatigue, weight loss, and consistent mood swings.
Even after all that I’ll keep fighting.
Keep fighting. Its worth it.

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