Mariane G.


In October 2023 I was at work and noticed that my urine was very orange at that time. I thought I was just very dehydrated but I was actually internally bleeding. Collapsed at work, had fevers was vomiting and was in excruciating pain as well as having very strange hallucinations! (Sepsis and Hallucinations) I had no idea what was going on. I ended up in hospital after colleague and my husband found me! I ended up having to have surgery the day after because I had become septic and had acute kidney failure, and my liver was also starting to fail. My husband was told that I was in a dangerous life-threatening situation and needed treatment asap! He had no idea how serious this situation because of how information he was given. I was on antibiotics through IV and had a great team of doctors that got to me on time.
I ended up getting a nephrostomy bag for almost a month and had a 2 operations 2 weeks later to remove kidney stones! (Sepsis and Kidney Stones) I was still hallucinating and having extremely vivid dreams and was excessively sweating at night. I was having brain fog and felt like I had the rooms closing in on me.

In Norway in my opinion there isn’t much information out there about symptoms and after effects that I now face.
My immune system was so low that I contracted Covid plus bird flu, while still fighting certain bacteria within the body.

As for now The kidney is doing well and I have no bacteria but have others symptoms like still have the shakes and having difficulty in balancing and have some issues with converting and concentrating at the same time! I had some slight sight issues and needed medical eye drops. I get tired easily and have a lower immune system. I feel like I don’t have any energy and it’s very hard for me to not sleep more than 10 hours. As for now, my doctor is referring me to a blood specialist and a neurologist to check out those symptoms that she’s concerned with. I still do have some slight pain in my kidney, but apparently that’s normal with part of the healing process. Not sure how long it will take to get back to normal but I’m very glad that I’m here and I did not lose any limbs but cognitive problems that I’m having is very very much tiring and I’m hoping that will be fixed in due time. I’m Australian living in Norway, married and a mum to 3. I’m hoping that life will go back to normal but I know it’s going to take some time

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